Goodbye to dirty cars


Some time ago, Nissan invented a scratch resistant paint, able to absorb a large quantity of those little scratches which so easily form with the wear and tear of driving. More recently, they designed a self-cleaning rear view camera, which acts automatically when it detects dirt and it leaves the lens dry.

Now, the restless engineers of the Japanese automobile brand have come out with the ultimate invention: a special paint that, once perfected, would be able to keep the outside of cars clean, even after going through mud or passing through dirty rain.

Although it’s great news for car owners, traditional car washes may start to worry. It could also cut down on fun for those who like to write messages using the dirt on cars.

Despite seeming like a major innovation, the idea is not entirely new. For a long time Volvo has been offering what they call “hydrophobic” glass, which has the ability to repel water and facilitate visibility in the rain. Similarly, Nissan has completed the first stage of  testing  for super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, which would repel water and oil.

The new Nissan technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry, creates a protective layer of air between the paint and the environment that effectively stops water, mud and dirt from reaching the surface of the car.

The aim of the brand is to continue refining the new technology, although there are no plans to immediately bring it to their stock cars. Nissan may, however,  offer the special product through its after market sales.

Here at BID Group One, we support any new technology which leads to fewer tedious chores like washing cars!

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